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The Coalition for Medical Marijuana New Jersey


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2014 is the year

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 If you live in the state of New Jersey, undoubtedly you've heard the wonderful news: Senator Scutari is working on a legalization bill.  It is MORE important now, than ever, to contact the Senator and let him know he represents you (and, to say Thank You!).  You can call, write an email or send a letter via US Postal Service using the following link:  Find your legislator.

Nicholas P. Scutari (D)

This coincides (yes, it really is a coinicidence) with the change of CMMNJ's mission statement.  We are now pushing for full legalization, just like Colorado.  It makes perfect sense.  Why continue to battle a law that is so frought with errors, omissions and guidelines that make the program completely unworkable in our state?  Yes, there will still need to be a medical part to the law, since the people we're fighting for include children under the age of 18 (or 21, or whichever age they land on).

i have only been involved in this fight for a few years.  It's an amazing time.

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A call to action

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Thank you to all who attended this trial yesterday.  They were found guilty.  Pre-sentence reports were mandated (which means the Feds get to crawl into their financial positions to make a recommendation to the judge as to the amount of the fine).  The good news in this is that the judge, while not ruling it out entirely, will most likely not resort to jail time for either defendent.

I received word from Chris Goldstein that it has been postponed from the 23rd to the 27th.  I will keep you up to date on this as i receive information.

What are you doing on the 23rd? Courtroom support in solidarity... think about how you would feel if you were looking at six months. You'd want all of your brothers and sisters to show up in support of your case. Pay it forward.

(the following report was pulled from )

 Libertarian candidate Don DeZarn (Screenshot)

A Libertarian candidate for the New Jersey Senate got himself arrested at a pro-marijuana rally in Philadelphia over the weekend.

Don DeZarn, 46, was arrested for the second time in four months for marijuana possession on Saturday at the monthly SmokeDown Prohibition demonstration. After encouraging the participants of the rally to visit their representatives, DeZarn lit up and smoked a marijuana joint as police stood nearby.

Six other people were issued citations for marijuana use at the demonstration, according

The libertarian candidate was first arrested at the SmokeDown Prohibition demonstration in May. DeZarn told The Times of Trenton that his arrests were a form of civil disobedience. He said that he plans to fight the marijuana possession charges in court.

“The theme of my campaign is ‘Legalize Freedom.’ I’m big on a less intrusive government,” DeZarn explained to The Times. “Marijuana legalization ties into the whole message I’m trying to get out to voters, that our government is too big. We’ve got way more important problems we should be dealing with than worrying about a group of 67 people, 10 of which are firing up a joint.”

The official platform of the New Jersey Libertarian Party calls for the repeal of all laws that prohibit the possession and sale of drugs or drug paraphernalia.

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latest news January '14

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Governor Chris Christie has been quoted as saying, "We don't want to be like California or Colorado."  Given the recent news, i would wager he'd like the additional income.  $1mil in sales ON THE FIRST DAY.  At 6%, that would work out to $60,000.00 for the first day's transactions.

If you are mobile and can stand the cold, the new legislative session in NJ begins on January 14th.  We would kindly request your presence in Trenton to show support for those legislators that are paving the way for the medical cannabis program in our state.  Additionally, the regular monthly meeting of the Coalition for Medical Marijuana, NJ, which will be held at the Lawrenceville Library, which is located at 2751 Brunswick Pike LawrencevilleNJ 08648.

also, this may come in handy if you're looking for the medical cannabis program in NJ, with the guidelines: NJ Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act

And, finally, an article published by the National Institute of Health: Chronic Pain in Persons With Myotonic Dystrophy and Facioscapulohumeral Dystrophy
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 Thanks to Jim Miller for the following text.  I could not have said it any better.  Please take a moment to sign the petition.

It bothers me greatly that a 15 month NJ child with epilepsy died because of purposeful hurdles placed in medical marijuana patients' way. It bothers me enough to ask my friends to sign this petition. The day after Sabina died, Governor Christie said that advocates of a bill that could have helped her were nothing more than people who wish to make marijuana legal (subtext here, perhaps, is "stoners" - although that is not what he said - you can draw your own inference). I can't tolerate Governor Christie's insult towards the parents of children in NJ who cannabis could help. This should not go unanswered. Out of state signatures are especially important considering Christie's national ambitions.

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