CMMNJ Monthly Meeting Agenda for December 14, 2021 at 7 pm

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Congratulations to Phil Murphy on his reelection as governor of New Jersey. We can look forward to four more years of cannabis reform in our state.

In recognition of extraordinary service to our community, CMMNJ was awarded a 2021 NJ State Governor's Jefferson Award in the Volunteer Group category. Honorees achieve measurable community impact and represent outstanding acts of public service, without the expectation of recognition or compensations. Recipients demonstrate unique vision, dedication and tenacity of heroic proportion and serve as inspiration for others. 

Thank you to the Board and to all the CMMNJ volunteers who made this possible.

Insurance coverage bills for medical cannabis: 

Judith Schmidt, the CEO of the NJ State Nurses Association/Institute for Nursing said on 11/24/21 that the NJSNA Board supports the following bills

S3799/A5760: Medical cannabis costs to be reimbursed by Senior Gold Prescription Discount Program, Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged and Disabled (PAAD), Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund, and Criminal Injuries Compensation Act of 1971. Both bills advanced through Senate & Assembly Health Committees and were referred to Budget and Appropriations Committees. Take action with NORML!

A1708/S3406: Requires workers' compensation, PIP, and health insurance coverage for the medical use of cannabis. Passed in Assembly Committees; in Senate Commerce Committee. Take action with NORML!

When passed into law, these bills will reduce healthcare costs in the state. Cannabis stabilizes multiple conditions in individuals. Greater access to cannabis therapy will result in fewer hospitalizations, fewer surgical procedures, and fewer emergency room visits.

NJ has among the highest prices in the country, an ounce of medical marijuana costs up to $500. In Michigan, an ounce costs about $265.

Home cultivation for patients:

A5363/S3420 legalizes cultivation of eight medical cannabis plants.

S3407/A5435 legalizes cultivation of six plants for any NJ adult. 

S3582/A5552 legalizes cultivation of six plants for personal use, and 10 plants for medical use, by adults.

Sign the petition: Let Patients Grow NJ; Website: Let Patients Grow NJ #JeffsLaw.

This issue will be tackled in NJ's next legislative session rather than in the lame duck session.

The Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC): 

The CRC announced it would open the application process to marijuana growers, processors and testing labs on Dec. 15. It will open applications for dispensaries on March 15. There are no deadlines to file applications; the CRC will accept them on a rolling basis. Cultivation licenses have a cap of 37 new licenses between Feb. 2021 and Feb. 2023.

The CRC also discussed how to handle the sales of edibles that resemble food – and how to make sure that if they do allow it, the items sold will be safe. Ken Wolski said the amount and type of marijuana needed for therapeutic reasons is highly individualized and that anything a patient needs should be available to them.

“Any form of edibles should be permitted as long as the regulatory procedures are followed. There should be no arbitrary exclusions placed on cannabis products,” Wolski said. “Public safety can be improved not by banning edibles and other high-potency products but by regulating the use of these products.”

NJ CRC Releases Webinar on Adult-use Cannabis License Applications

Upcoming CRC Meeting: December 7, 2021 at 6p.m. Register to speak here, Deadline to register to speak will be December 7 at noon. You may also submit comments in writing to the Commission here


Five myths about marijuana


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